"Non coerceri maximo, contineri minimo, divinum est."


The quote is an epigraph at the head of Friedrich Hölderlin’s Hyperion, one of two books that I’ve decided to finally read in this new year, after putting it off for so long (the other is Adalbert Stifter’s The Indian Summer). Hölderlin apparently took the epigraph from the epitaph on the tombstone of Ignatius of Loyola. The English translation -

Not to be confined by the greatest, yet to be contained within the smallest, is divine.

Don’t know why this should hit home with me. On many levels. So much so that I’ve made it my motto for 2011. It’s all that I want, perfectly captured… this happiness in a corner - das Glück im Winkel

Do I have any new year’s resolutions? Some. But nothing grand like trying to be a better person, because I’ve broken such resolutions in each and every previous year. 

I’m going to try to drink more water this year, less bourbon. Run regularly, perhaps. Pray for 5 minutes daily. Maybe write 300 words a day to resume a long prose work I’d shelved away for years. Things like that.

But it’s already the 5th of January and I’ve kept none of the above. 

(Image by Giovanni Anselmo)

5 January 2011 ·

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