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Very happy that LA Review of Books finally launched, and the past entries have been pretty darn great. But today’s post written about Miroslav Tichý by Richard Prince is giddily good. I’d never read Prince’s writing before, just an admirer of his art from an interested distance… But his essay on Tichý - which is great in its entirety - stood out for a specific reason: it reminded me of how certain writers use the accumulative power of “list-making” to a great effect (for example, I wrote previously about John Berger’s use of lists in his stories and Borges’ poetry).

Anyway, rather than quoting the beginning of the essay, I took the liberty of excerpting an example of Richard Prince’s list-making below. I love how the items come at us in quick, punchy ekphrastic bursts… such a peculiar poetry. You can read the whole enchilada when you click over to LARB below. I doubt you’d read anything more fun today.


Richard Prince

Sigmar Polke’s photo essay of himself with a girlfriend, spending a weekend in a tub in Paris. Casual, passed around 3x5s for the wallet, dime store frames.  Bellocq’s Storyville.  Ruff’s cyber-porn.  Hans-Peter Feldmann’s collection of women’s knees.  My own description of the 8-track photograph I wrote in 1977.

1)    Original copy.
2)    The rephotographed copy.
3)    The angled copy.
4)    The cropped copy.
5)    The focused copy.
6)    The out-of-focused copy.
7)    The black-and-white copy.
8)    The color copy.

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